Our Services

We cater for individuals and small to medium business in Berkshire and the surrounding areas

Contemporary Attitiudes

Our approach is informal. We take each customer on face value and speak our minds.

Modern Ideas

Small payrolls, when a part of small company management.

Awesome Benefits

Income tax services for Individuals, Partnerships, and the self employed.

Professional Practices

Corporation tax service and statutory accounts for small companies.

Increase your profits

Profit Planning and budgetting models.

Property Issues

CGT for let property disposals

About us

The experience at DSPFM is from years of high level customer interaction in both business and personal financial affairs.

Our philosophy makes certain that our customers are dealt with quickly and comprehensively and that their busienss needs come first. Our ethics command our business actions and we always operate in coalition with HMRC. All of our services are based on what we believe offers the best options for our clients and nothing else.

Clients better off


Caffiene Levels


Money saved


That we can help you



Happy Clients


Qualified accountant on your side


Years of experience


Ready to speak our minds

We have offices in Reading, so give us a call from the Berkshire or Oxfordshire areas.